The Public Sector

The public sector is the biggest portion of an economic system that is controlled by the government. It encompasses critical services such as policing, national defense, taxation, urban planning, health, and public education. Researchers have found management to be the most critical aspect in use of public goods and services.

Management of goods and services in the public sector is made to ensure that resources are not misused. Since the goods and services are meant to benefit citizens, good management ensures that citizens fully benefit from them. Besides, it is meant to ensure that equity is exercised in provision of public services. This is the reason governments come up with budgets showing what they will invest in during a given financial year. They look at the disparities in different states to develop a budget that will balance the accessibility of goods and services by its citizens.

The management of public goods and services can be done directly by the government or indirectly by hiring people to manage. Direct management is done through ministries and local governments. For instance, we may have the ministry of health overseeing all the programs in relation to healthcare in a country. When the government is not involved directly, outsourcing is considered. In this, corporations from the private sector are hired to provides goods and services. For instance, they may be hired to collect taxes for the government.

There are charitable organizations that are also involved in management of goods and services in the public sector. Many of these do it voluntarily with the aim of ensuring that public resources are not misused.

Public goods and services in some counters have been managed through privatization. This means that the role of managing is moved from the public sector to the private sector. Although this is rare since the public sector and private sector are distanced, it has been used in some countries to manage goods and services in the public sector.

To ensure that management of the public goods and services is done accordingly, there are public sector management acts that have been passed in different states. They offer a guideline on how to recruit employees, their roles, their management, and the disciplinary procedures for offenders.

Different programs have been started to get professionals in public sector management. There are diplomas, degree, and masters’ programs offered in different learning institutions. Existing employers in the public sector also undergo continuous training to sharpen their management skills.